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The resume you submit to companies does NOT go directly to hiring managers. Resumes show up first to a company's HR, staffing, or recruiting department. For obvious reasons companies would never allow resumes they receive to go directly to hiring managers. Resumes are screened and then forwarded to the manager so as to not waste his or her time. This begins to explain why you are not getting contacted most of the time after applying for jobs.

The Resume Black Hole: How to Avoid Letting it Sabotage Your Job Search

It is a major problem for job seekers that very few resumes people submit to employers ever make it past the HR department and into the hands of the hiring manager. If the hiring manager with the opening never sees your resume you will not get called, interviewed, and hired. Human Resources, staffing professionals, and internal/external recruiters do not forward most resumes they receive to hiring managers because... Read More »»

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