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Liberal Arts Jobs

Liberal arts refers to studies in a college or university intended to provide general knowledge and develop intellectual capacities in a broad range of subjects.

Fashion Design Jobs

Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time period.

Artist and Artisan Jobs

Art refers to a diverse range of human activities and artifacts, and may be used to cover all or any of the arts. It is most often used to refer specifically to the visual arts.

Philosophy, Religion Jobs

Philosophy is the study of the most general and abstract features of the world and categories with which we think. As with a liberal arts background, careers can be diverse.

Film, Theatre, Dance Jobs

Careers in the film, theatre, movies, TV, and dance are often linked to a specific project and often extend beyond the basic boundaries of performance and production.

History and English Jobs

A background in history, literature, or English may provide career opportunities in education, law, technical writing, communications, journalism, PR, publishing, etc.

Music and Musician Jobs

Music careers can vary from performers, educators, songwriters, conductors, arrangers, composers and actors. Other music careers may involve the business side.

Graphic Arts and Design Jobs

Graphic arts is a term applied historically to the art of printmaking and drawing. In contemporary usage it refers to the applied trade-skills of a graphic designer.

Photography Jobs

Many photographers work in certain commercial fields such as in a fine arts gallery or commercial news. Portrait photographers shoot pictures of people in a studio.

Writing, Writer, Editing Jobs

A professional writing background or degree can offer a multitude of career options. Writers can build successful careers as journalists, grant writers, copywriters, etc.

Language, Linguistics Jobs

Knowledge and skills in one or more foreign language can be useful in a variety of careers. These include working as a translator, interpreter, linguist, or language teacher.